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"[Let's add to more girls to our camp.] One is, [evidently], totally cool, and she vouches for her friend; [they] would love to join and should be helpful.. with doing stuff in the camp, and just be cool and fun."
"What would Дядя Феликс do?"
I'm concerned that a 4guy/8girl (3 of which are practically random) ratio in a small decentralized camp will turn it into estrogenfest, followed by the eminent bitch galore and by day three, I'll have to avoid coming home altogether to avoid drama.
I so don't want no drama.
Boys = chill.
Girls = drama, always drama.
Girls are like wild forest mushrooms. Sure, some are edible, even delicious. But you just don't pick a bucket of random mushrooms in the forest, make a mushroom soup and expect to be well, or even to survive.

Yep, I'm overreacting, so what, I'm allowed.
I hate girls. I'm afraid of them. Like ants or spiders. Everybody knows that.



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Jul. 24th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
у меня кстати реакция была очень похожая, особенно на конец поста :) незнаю кто из нас те самые 3, но за эльку я могу поручиться всем шо у мене есть - тут драмы не будет точно :) а так, я думаю мы будем много гулять и всё будет хорошо. если хочешь обсудить, звякай :) sorry i've been off the grid for a bit, чтото я тут закрутилася.
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