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The )'( magical story continues

2009)*( - Антошик and I barcrawl on the playa. Find this bar with guns, КВАС and a piano. Meet/greet/hang out with peeps at the bar. This dude sits at the piano and jams. We listen, drink and comment on the overwhelming awesomeness.
2010)*( - Антошик and I wander around the playa. At a random street corner, there's this piano. There's also this dude playing the piano. We listen. Then Антошик is like, "dude, shoo, time to go, I want to hear my GF play". Дюд уступает пианино. Мы тусим, что-то играем вместе, трали-вали (все пьяные)
2011)*( - On a wednesday night I grab bike and a huge-ass bottle, and head out to hang out at the gate and wait for Павлик. Needless to say, 4 hours later there's still no Павлик, I get tired and bored and make a feeble attempt at getting myself home. Easier said than done. At 5/K some dude from some camp rescues my ass from being exausted, lost, cold, tired and completely smashed. We sit at their fire, they feed me, stories are shared. An hour into this conversation by the fire it hits me that this is the same dude I've crossed paths with in 2009 and 2010. The dude remembers, gives me details that I also remember. Our stories check out and they match. Wow.

So naturally, next day, I grab newly arrived Павлик, and we try to go back and find this dude :) Easier said than done ибо as you may recall, I was exausted and smashed. We go around the outer-alphabet looking for some "camps with sculls", meeting people and such. Eventually we decide to give up and start hitting every camp with a Canadian flag (в том году их было как грибов после дождя).
So, в этот момент, this OTHER dude politely steps out of the shadow of his camp with a black-and-white film camera and asks if he could take a picture of us. The 3 photos he takes of us later turn out to be so epicly legendary, I try to be a brave schmetterling and not shed a tear every time I see them. But I fail. :)
We friend each other on facebook and I end up poking him every other month in attempt to obtain prints from film. The photographer's name is Jack.

Meanwhile, soon after photos are taken, Павлик and I start heading home. Next camp I see is a camp I seem to have seen before, and curiously enough, it has sculls. No one is there, so I shrug and leave a note with my camp's address and leave.

In a few hours, dude #1, whose name is Shawn, comes to my camp and tells me that he's been leaving notes for me на каждом столбе вдоль моей улицы. Сводил, показал. Действительно :)

2012, pre-)*(
I poke dude#2, Jack, the photographer. Like, "dude, where's my car, where's my car, dude?" :)

Meanwhile I make an attempt to find dude#1, Shawn, who is from Florida. So I join a Florida burner's group and ask there.

Thus far Shawn, is nowhere to be found, but on the Floridian)'( forum, some random people who turn out to actually be from Oregon, whose camp's name is "Gypsy Flower Power" are looking for cool neighbors and are inviting people to camp next to them. So I reply and we're currently discussing logistics.
Jack is offering to make prints on canvas (holy... crap...!!!!! canvas) and in an unrelated conversation mentions that he was going to camp with his friend's camp called "Gypsy Flower Power", but is now reconsidering.

World is adorably small and nifty.
To be continued.

P.S. SMS'd Jack about how, amusingly, same people he mentioned are now inviting me, yadiyada.. half an hour later only to realize that I've actually been sending all those messages to a student of mine, a highschool senior. Oh God, wrong person entirely!!! It's good I haven't mentioned FlowerPower's sister camp, "PleasureFist". The student kindly chuckles :)

Love my life.
Love the people that surround me.
Thank you, Фея.


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Aug. 9th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
your stories make me happies :)
Aug. 9th, 2012 03:29 am (UTC)
This particular story is just so clean-cut awesome, kind of like a high quality steak which needs no marinade and no seasonings, it's just good the way it is.
I got a whole bunch of others which over the years I've learned to "season". When we meet, we'll have just the setting to share our portfolios :))
Aug. 9th, 2012 03:50 am (UTC)
i shall bring my portfolio of stakes and seasonings :)
Aug. 9th, 2012 04:22 am (UTC)
I shall indulge myself by taking an advantage of this rare wordplay opportunity, and point out, that we need rebar!! not stakes ;)
Гы сынок, лол.
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