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Так жить нельзя.

I was making pants.
And then this happened.

And after that, this.

So I suspect my phone might not survive the day.
So before it dies, while it's still alive, I would like to thank you, Oh Geoffrey Tyzik. 2 years and 2 burningmans is a good lifespan. Please don't die and stay with me for a bit longer.

Farewell, Beemur. You have been loved with all of heart that I have. You liked me and I liked you, and we took care of each other, we listened to each other. Ты мне играл песенки, а я тебе мыла лапки и ушки. Милый, черненький, юркий и веселый Бимур.

Farewell, my sewing machine. You never had a name. But u waz truъ. You were there when I was 16. You were there for the making of first галстуки. You were there for одеяла, халаты, boat upholstery, for reflector of a huge communal tent. You were there at the first household, the second household, Vadik's castle and the Xata.

This is ridiculous.
Так жить нельзя.