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Speaking of "exercise",
apparently, the stem word is "arcere" (keep away, prevent, enclose)*
where as, for words like "precision", "decision" and "incision",
the stem word is "caedere" (to chop down, strike, beat). Like "дыщщщщ", like lightning.

*[en](close)=[за](крыть) as opposed to [dis](close)=[рас](крыть)

Anywaysis, here be a pair of matching BM application poems:

Camp listing:
Svoyasii is located at 1 Small Party Pl.,
at the edge of civilization.
It is a realization,
a beacon of possibility of hospitality
arising on the event horizon
of the sea of Nothing.
[ερχομαστε υπόσταση να εκσταση]
[we go, through understanding to outstanding]

Sculpture listing:
Out of the sea of Nothing,
arises on the event horizon
a beacon of possibility,
a mirage of an age of peace.
As the sun rises,
Petunia Remains vo Svoyasii.
[εξερχομαστε εκσταση να υπόσταση]
[we go out, through outstanding to understanding]