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Retunia Remains, Chekhov.

A long time ago, five friends went outside to have a small party. They had a pink unicorn piñata. They named him Twinkii, The Unicorn Who Gifts Wishes. Year after year, Twinkii gifted wishes, but people laughed, saying he is not real.

Twinkii built himself a home and called it Svoyasii - a place far-far away, where everyone belongs. People laughed, saying Svoyasii is an imaginary place.

Twinkii made himself an imaginary friend. He spun and crocheted her out of recycled newspaper, and named her Petunia. When the last sun of August set, before the first sun of September rose, he burned Petunia for his real friends, to show them the sunrise and the sunset of the Null of September, a day which exists, but stays invisible until you call on it by its real name. Real people saw what remains of imaginary friendship, when it burns out and the ashes settle.
Petunia Remains.

A real man’s real best friend was a dog named Chekhov. Chekhov was many years old and he died. Twinkii said, that grief is real, and loss is real, but death is not real. Chekhov turned zero years old.

Together they roam,
without a leash,
without fear,
and with free spirit of adventure,
Petunia Remains, Chekhov.